UPDATE 12/6/10

Thanks to everyone who voted for my blog! It was an honor to be nominated with some amazing Austin bloggers. I didn’t win, but had a fantastic evening at The Austin Bleet-Up. Thanks again for the gelatin love!








So, this is my first non-gelatin mold post. I feel like I’m cheating on my gelatinous creations – taking away their spotlight for some awkward self-promotion. I’m sure they’d understand… If they could.

I’m honored and pleasantly surprised by the attention my blog is receiving (check out my Press page), including being nominated for an Austin Blogger Award in the category of Best Specialty Food Blog. The awards are presented by The Republic of Austin (a blog I highly recommend). The winner will be announced at The Austin Bleet-Up this Friday December 3rd. If you have a moment, I’d appreciate if you went to this website and voted for me: The Austin Blogger Awards

Thanks everyone for the gelatin love!