The classic drink that inspired this mold is a favorite of my friend Bindiya. Made to commemorate Bindiya leaving Austin for the summer, it took several trials (and a lot of gin!) to create a mold I was happy with. Unfortunately, she left before I ultimately created the mold seen here.

To make this mold, I adapted a Nigella Lawson recipe published in the New York Times. (I was not happy with the recipe results, so I changed ingredient proportions). The resulting taste was perky (thanks to the lemon juice and stewed lemon zest), sweet, and slightly effervescent – perfect for the blistering Austin summer.

Per Bindiya’s request, I used lemons instead of limes. Blueberries were added because I love the fantastic merging of blueberries and lemons.

If you’re a foodie geek like me, you may enjoy learning the history of the gin and tonic.